(3rd September, 2005)


'Learn from the turtle - it only makes progress when it sticks out its neck'


Hello Zaida, I am a belly dance teacher since more than 15 years and moved to Australia 4 years ago.

 While browsing the net for information I found your website about BD for older women. I had a class for older women in Germany as well, in addition to the "normal" ;-) classes, but couldn't find anything like it here in Brisbane so far.

 I am going to start teaching BD again now and would be very interested in exchanging knowledge and information about your experiences, the general acceptance of BD in a more mature age here in Australia. "Normal" bellydance classes are enough out there but I know from earlier experience that not every older woman interested in BD feels absolutely happy in a group of young women and teens.

 So if you don't mind, it would be nice to hear from you.

Zaïda: how lovely to hear from you – I would be extremely interested in hearing your experiences with older women in Germany.  I am in contact with a teacher in Hungary and her experiences are so very different from mine.

I find you are walking a fine knife-edge with older women as they are very set in their ways and have to be nursed along very gently or they get all 'huffy'. Totally different experience from teaching youngsters who have a very short attention span and also, seem to be a great deal less flexible than older women (surprise!) I think younger women succumb to peer pressure much more readily.


I was interested in the article  about your classes inThe Australian Senior, however I live on the Central Coast NSW (Wyong/ Gosford area). I wondered if you knew of any classes in my area which are specifically for older ladies. I am 55.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Zaïda: such a thrill to know that the article in 'The Australian Senior' has excited so many potential belly dancers.

Please go to my website:

then go to the Links page and click on Australian Belly Dancers.

A dancer in Perth, Western Australia, is trying to keep an up-to-date listing of all belly dance classes, groups, etc. in Australia.

I don't know if there are any classes in your area or whether they are specifically for older women.

I know most classes have older dancers. Don't be self-conscious about your age; I have found older dancers are more self-possessed than younger dancers and can 'give' themselves to the dance much more freely than younger dancers, even pre-puberty dancers. So 'go for it' and ENJOY!


Love this site. We have a troupe that has performed in Australia and the USA.

The members are between 16 and 62, with the majority over 45 years old.

We are right there with you with the power of older women!

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